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Attic Insulation Contractor

Attic insulation removal and replacement is great way to clean and make your home more energy efficient. Our attic insulation technicians can remove old insulation, clean-up rodent droppings, repair animal damage in attic, sanitize your attic and replace insulation with High Efficiency blown in insulation.

Attic Cleaning
Remove old insulation
Remove animal feces
Repair animal damage
Sanitize attic
Install new insulation in attic
Install radiant heat barrier in attic
Let our attic pros do all the dirty work. If your attic has rodent droppings that need to be removed we are the company to call for safe rodent clean up and disposal. This is not a do-it-yourself project. You must have the proper safety equipment and know how to do it right and do it safe.

Our powerful gas powered vacuum will remove the old attic insulation, debris and rodent droppings. Long hoses running from the attic to the vacuum will deposit the material collected from the attic into large disposal bags. The disposal bags are always outside your home, leaving the inside of the home clean.

After removing the old insulation our team can then do a visual inspection of the attic to look for rodent damage such as chewing holes for entry or nests. Entry holes are recommended to be repaired to prevent future rodents from entering the space.

Installing New Insulation
Before installing new insulation the attic can be sanitized. Depending on the level of infestation and customer’s preference we can use several different techniques for attic sanitation. We can use liquid or fogged in sanitizer, or ozone shock treatments. Our insulation technicians can discuss and recommend the right treatment.

For homeowners who want to save on their electric bill a radiant heat barrier can be installed under the roof. The radiant barrier will bounce radiant heat coming from the roof back out. This can make dramatic drop in attic temperatures lowering your cooling bill and make it easier to maintain household temperatures.

New insulation is blown in through long hoses from the outside into the attic leaving the home clean. The blown in insulation is also put into the cracks and crevices that traditional rolled insulation can not reach. This makes for a better seal of the attic and insulates much better by filling all the voids.